The Hobbit – I Want My Precious.

It isn’t long until The Hobbit will be hitting the cinemas, this is one movie that I won’t be putting down. I’ve been a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies for years, I used to collect the little figures you paint from the Warhammer shop, yes I know, I was a right little nerd in school. I’m currently seeking out to find all of the Lord of the Rings movie collection on Blu-Ray and I’m in need of watching them all again before one of the biggest movies of this year hits our cinemas. 28th November this film will hit the UK.

The Hobbit has been out since 1937, a fantasy book written by J. R. R. Tolkien. His fantasy for Elves, Goblins and Giant Elephants have brought his wonderful text creation to life in movie form. Special affects and actors well suite to the part, Lord of the Rings seems just as real as life, okay maybe that sounded a little weird…

I’ve never read the book of the Hobbit so I actually only have a slight idea of what this movie is going to be about. Obviously it has Bilbo Baggins in this new film, his adventures leading up to the part of where he finds the ring. The Hobbit will feature the original character from the first three films, Gandalf. Oh, also Gollum will be in this film, how can he not be? He’s a babe. So I’m glad that I will be familiar with an original character.  Below I am going to include a video of the new upcoming movie trailer. So please, enjoy. 🙂


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