Will Rooster Teeth do Halo 4: Fails of the Week?

Okay so we know that Rooster Teeth do one video a week from Halo Reach the game, all the fails and glitches within the game itself. So the question is, when Halo 4 gets released, will Rooster Teeth do the Fails of the Week still? Obviously they won’t be making Reach videos any more, well they might make just a few ones but not as much as Halo 4.

I love Rooster Teeth and I quite like how they’ve made Fails of the Week for the past couple of years so will they do the same for Halo 4? A reminder that Halo 4 will be released on November 6th 2012, I’v already pre-ordered my copy at my nearest ASDA store so I will be getting up extremely early just to purchase my reserved copy.


5 thoughts on “Will Rooster Teeth do Halo 4: Fails of the Week?

  1. TO the peeps who have pre-orded U ROCK πŸ™‚ <_< and for the ones who didn't eh u suck. πŸ˜› but not rooster teeth PS GAVIN YO U ROCK U ARE THE BEST MINECRAFT BUILDER OF ROOSTRTEETH AND JACK NO MORE MINECRAFT BAG PIPE SUITS MAKES U LOOK GAY AND THANKS πŸ˜‰

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