#Borderlands2 3 Days Away UK!

So in North America Borderlands 2 has just been released today and I’m really jealous. I’m seeing thousands of people tweeting good positive feedback about this new game, a lot of people are also doing either screenshots or video reviews on their blogs. Waiting for this game has been a bloody pain in the arse since a lot of people are now saying it’s better than the first game… WHAT?!

This is making me want to play the game even more, more like if I don’t play this game by Friday I’m afraid I will kill myself, of course I won’t kill myself for real. I’ll die inside and probably become clinically insane. ASDA has this game priced at £38.97 but on the website the £38.97 is crossed out with a new price £34.97 which I’m guessing that, if you purchase it online, then you save £4.

I’m not fussed on saving £4 pound, just let it be Friday already. Below is just a print-screen of a lot of tweets people have been posting about this game since it has came out in North America early today.


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