Twitter Update!

So today of all days Twitter has decided to update itself on not only the website version, but also Android platforms as well. I’m not 100% sure about Twitter on Apple products but on my HTC and Laptop Twitter has updated itself to a new profile layout and a cool new feature on the settings/design page.

So first off, if you’ve received the update then you will notice a new little button that says “Me”, if you simply click that button it will take you to your profile. Your profile will look completely different, your small little box that contains your bio’ has been customised along with your DP (Display Picture) as well.

On the right hand side of your profile page, both your bio’ and DP will feature a cool new look, inside of a black box which in the settings, the design page where you can add a background and change the colour of the links featured on your profile, you will notice a new feature called “Header”. If you click that you can add a small image, moving it to any angle that you want which will be replace the black image in the box on your profile page with the image which you have uploaded. Your header size can only be 1252×626.

Twitter is like a hormonal teenager, always seems to be updating without us actually realising. I just figured this out seeing a ME button on my web version which I thought was already there until I clicked it and it took me to the new layout. All of your images will stay the same on your profile. Below is an image I’ve captured showing the new layout on your new Twitter profile.


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