Borderlands 2: Making Progress 2/2

So it’s been a few days since one of the most anticipated games of the year was released, Borderlands 2. This game is full of new weapons, new characters and old characters. I’ve been playing it quite a lot, just trying to get my level up a little bit and so far I am a level 13. I’m quite enjoying this new game with a lot of new weapons which I’m still trying to familiarize myself with.

Your shield and health, just like the first game does go down quite a lot so taking cover is essential in this game. You earn a lot of experience points every time you complete a task or kill a foe.  If you bought Borderland 2 with a pre-order then you would have got a free code for a download add-on; you get a few weapons and a device that allows enemies to drop rare items when killed. That came in handy because most enemies that I kill will drop a lot of weapons and better shields for my character.

There are a lot of items to choose from in this new game, some of them do look ugly but they can be quite powerful. The higher you level, your character will unlock skill points and badass ranks for challenges you complete which makes your character a lot stronger when in fire fights. You can upgrade your health and shield, gun damage and longer time on your characters special ability. Character customization in this game is really good, you can change the look of your face and clothes. You can even give your character a name and along the way you can unlock different features for your character, currently I look Jamaican.

This game has so many enemies that you will face but once you’ve killed enough enemies, you will end up fighting big bosses. The hardest boss that I’ve faced so far is Captain Flynt. Now he was quite a pain in the arse to kill, every time I jumped down onto the deck of his ship, he kept on coming at me with his psycho midgets killing me. So a little tip that I was told was to die, once you’ve respawned, don’t jump down but make him come to you and then shoot him with the strongest weapon that you have. After he’s dead you and Claptrap need to continue on with your mission.

I could say a lot more about this game but unfortunately I’m not done completing the game yet, I’m one step closer to killing Handsome Jack. But until I face this sexy man, I’m going to keep exploring the Borderlands and get my level up to at least 50 before I even think of facing Jack. Since this game has been released, there have been so many good reviews and excellent gameplay about this game and I’m hoping there will be some good glitches in this game just like the infinity ammo. Oh, did I mention that? No I guess I didn’t.

I was playing Borderlands 2 yesterday and somehow when I picked up a rocket launcher, my ammo count didn’t go down on not just the rocket launcher, but all of the guns that I was holding. I pop off as many rounds possible without my ammo even going down, so I had to reset my console because of this happening. I do love to play Borderlands modded, which in the first game I did mod weapons and shields which was quite good because when all the high level foes came towards me, they were going home in a glass jar after I put them in the meat grinder.

This is the end of my making progress review, but I am going to be uploading three parts to my overall review of Borderlands 2 within the next fortnight, so be sure to pop back and read my awesome Borderlands 2 review!  Below is a video of the hardest foe I’ve faced so far in this game, Captain Flynt and how someone defeats him.


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