Starting tomorrow my blog is going to be daily, yes, that means more ridiculous posts about random nonsense. I don’t mean that in a bad way of course, I simply mean daily posting and gaining more viewers, expanding beyond the horizon if you would prefer to hear that.

My new daily updates are going to be including:

– News on new Games & Movies of my interest,

– Reviews on TV shows & Games,

– Upcoming new shows & Games,

– I will be changing My Weekly TV Keep Up to A Week of Television. – (I know it isn’t catchy, but it’s going to be weekly which will contain the overall shows I’ve watched in one week, writing a little summary about them all)

– A Week of Gaming which will contain all the games that I have been playing, this will only be done once a week as gaming, which might not contain much info’ because I watch more than I game.

– A personal post, this will recap what my activity has been in one week, it’s a chance for the viewers to get to know their host a little bit better. I will feature images, not videos of my daily activities, only if they’re interesting. I will be adding a new category for yourselves to visit.

This concludes my blog updates. Note that no changes to the design or layout will be made just yet. I don’t have future plans of changing my blog around to a different theme because this current theme serves it’s purpose quite well. Well this is Daniel, and for now Bye Ze Bye. (:


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