Hawaii Five-0: S3E2 – Kanalua.

One of my favourite television shows couldn’t be getting any better. The second episode of the new third series is full of a lot of action and lots of special affects with a few shoot outs. The start of the episode starts off with a robbery, a police officer gunned down and a few paintings stolen. Chin is still trying to cope with the loss of his wife, he seems to be getting there but only with time he can move on.

Steve seeks out help from his friend, girlfriend, oh I’m not too sure what is going on between them two. Anyway, Steve seeks out help from Cat with helping to find his mum. In the end, Cat finds out that Steve’s mum is still on the island. After she let Wo Fat escape, she turned her plane around and headed back to Hawaii thinking that everyone else (Steve, Cat, Danno, Kono & Chin) are thinking that she has fled somewhere to another country hiding. The Five-0 team also finds out who the killer of the past three murders were. The killer unfortunately left his finger print on a painting. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but it’s quite amusing how the ending goes.

I really can’t see where the direction of this series is going, I mean we have found Steve’s mum and Wo Fat is on loose as usual, but what’s next?


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