The Inbetweeners US – Series 1 So Far

So episode seven of series one was released onto downloads this morning, yes I was up very early downloading this new episode as I usually do every Tuesday morning now. So far this American version of the Inbetweeners has been quite good, the first few episodes were boring, they weren’t that entertaining, it was like they were craving for attention for this show to make it. But after the lag of boringness, this version has gotten a lot better.

Yes, you’re thinking how if this version better than ours? Well, it isn’t. They have copied the same storyline but have also added a few little extras in which is quite funny. This version isn’t as funny as ours, but it has its moments. The characters still have the same names but the people who portray them aren’t the type of people you’d actually consider taking up the parts.

I mean the US version of Jay if Fat, not as funny but he does lie a lot. Simon is as ugly as ever, nope he doesn’t have his spiky hair but he does have the same type of terrible car with a terrible hairstyle. Neil who we all know is the stupid one, but the luckiest one of out the group who seems to be getting a lot more action than the other guys. Neil in the US version has long hair and looks as though he is out of a teenage rock band. Will who still has his dorky briefcase but in this version, does not wear glasses and isn’t coloured, but the US version of Donovan this puts a bucket over his head. The families all have the same name, Will’s mum is still hot and Carly is actually looking better in this version than ours.

This week’s episode was the guys going to a trailer park, yes in the British version they went to a caravan site where a lot of random happening, happened. This episode in the US version was bloody hilarious, not as well acted as our boys, but this show is still getting there. I hope that this season will be renewed because Skins US only finished with one season. I guess we won’t know until early next year. 


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