666 Park Avenue: Murmurations – S1E2

This new episode of 666 is quite the weirdest one so far. I mean, have you ever had dreams of past events that were true but you didn’t know about? Yeah, weird right, Jane experiences these memories of a murder, a body in a room in the basement where a guy is lying in a pool of blood. Jane thinks that the building is trying to tell her something, is she losing her mind?  Nope she isn’t but she just doesn’t realise that just yet.

Henry finds out that the building Gavin is about to buy is sitting on a toxic waste dump which is going to make Gavin lose out on 100 million dollars. Unfortunately Gavin already know and he sells the building to someone else for an extra 20 million profit before anyone else finds out about the toxic waste. Gavin confronted Henry and he liked that he didn’t tell him, I’m not sure exactly what he said but he seemed impressed at Henry’s performance.

There is a girl that lives in the building that goes by the name of Danielle who is a bit of LOVEly killer who has no recollection of her previous killings. Gavin pretty much keeps her looking young for the rest of her days, I think he keeps her alive longer as well but in order for him to do that, Danielle must pay the price and repay Gavin back, usually by killing bad people who deserve to die or have done something terribly wrong. All Danielle wants to do is to love but she will just never find the right man because they all treat her badly.

Jane also discovers a large amount of bats within the Drake that just won’t leave. Jane hires an exterminator that ends up getting killed because the bats are supposed to live in the Drake, according to Gavin. So this episode has been really unusual and to be honest, I’m really enjoying this show. I like spooky shows that offer a sense of fear and that will surprise you with a lot of twists and turns within the storyline itself.


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