Borderlands 2: Meet the Mechromancer

Last night I turned on my Xbox to play Borderlands 2 and there was a 3MB update, so I installed it and I went to check out what was new. Well, Gearbox have introduced a 5th character to the game. Her name is Gaige and she will be packing a new class, a new type of move that we will all get a chance to see. She has a kick ass robot called Death Trap that will assist you in killing your enemies. Just like Zero with his samurai sword and like Axton with his Turret, this new character will introduce a new whole concept of kick-ass to this game. 
I’ve just recently killed Handsome Jack which wasn’t a problem for myself but his pet Dragon was. It took myself and three other players to defeat the dragon. But I done something a little naughty :L – I kicked all three players out of my game so I could gain the experience and they couldn’t. I know, I’m a bad person but I wanted all of the weapons and Eiridium that both Jack and the Dragon dropped. Not to mention Jack dropped his face on the floor, yes, he’s really bloody ugly under that mask of his. So now I am waiting for the DLC add-ons to appear on Xbox LIVE because I’ve completed the main storyline. Well I could go back to doing side quests?

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