Hawaii Five-0: Lana I Ka Moana – S3E3

I wonder what it would be like to go for a spot of fishing, catch a giant fish and have my boat stolen by a murderer with a gun? Also, not to mention being chased by a tiger shark and being stranded in the middle of the ocean with a dead body. Well Steve and Danno experience all of this. Being out in the open water for so long, Danno and Steve don’t really get along too well, I mean can you really mix a Navy Seal with a Detective from the city? Nope, not really. Danno opens up and tells us a heart warming story of his past, his dislike for the ocean.

Still no news on Steve’s mum, but she is definitely on the island, his mum being a Spy for 20 years is going to make it impossible for him to find her. But Steve is a Navy Seal so he will use the Naval Intelligence to help track her down. WE NEED ANSWERS! This new episode isn’t really packed with much action, you hear a few gun shots and that’s about it. Oh! Did I not mention Chin nearly being knocked off a building? Yes, the murderer manages to knock him off the building, hanging for his life but the murderer is no match for Kono as she quickly takes him down.

The murder was both planned by an ex security guard and the victims wife who had an affair. In the end, the sister of the victim who was killed, later then killed the victims cheating wife. Everything comes around in this episode. So a lot of laughs from the H50 team, hopefully next week we will get some form of answers to why Steve’s mum hasn’t left the island. Maybe she’s in love with Wo Fat?



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