Homeland: Beirut is Back – S2E2

Sergeant Brody has been compromised! Yes, Brody at the end of this new episode is in a video discovered by Saul who found the memory card in a bag that Carrie managed to steal from her informants house. I think everyone is going to soon realise that Carrie was correct about Brody and maybe give Carrie her job back and a big apology? I hope so.

This week’s episode stars Carrie running around Beirut finding out information about a possible attack on American soil. She finds out that Nazir the terrorist is planning a meeting in Beirut and David (CIA Director) is going to commence an operation on killing Nazir for good. But some stupid arse lets Brody into the operations room and he alerts Nazir by sending him a text saying “May 21” which then Nazir reads and just in time manages to escape.

In this episode Brody’s daughter has become quite the popular girl in school by calling her dad a Muslim. She seems to be, becoming good friends with a pupil from her school which I have forgot his name, so I’m terribly sorry about that. This episode has quite the action in it, with Beirut operatives trying to find Carrie and a few gun shots are also fired as well. This show can only get better. I’m hoping that Brody does get arrested and branded a traitor to the US. A lot of his old Marine buddies are asking about Tom Walker, a fellow Marine who was also captured alongside with Brody. They know that Walker never missed a shot and that there is more to his death that meets the eye.





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