Once Upon A Time: We Are Both – S2E2

This week Once Upon A Time is getting really intense, I mean Regina has regained her powers, thinking she can keep Henry in her life forever like her mum did, using magic spells to keep him locked in the house at all times. If Henry escapes the trees will bring him back. We also take a little insight into Regina’s past, did you know she wasn’t all evil and nasty? Yes that’s right!

Regina used to be a nice, caring and heart warming girl until her mum forced her into marriage. She has to marry a king and rule the lands, use magic to make people love her but that isn’t what she desired the most. Regina just wants to be free, so she seeks the help of a evil person, can you guess? Rumplestiltskin has popped into your mind yet? Yes, Rumple (Mr Gold) has gave her a mirror, well a teleportation device (Geek Talk) that sucks Regina’s mum into the mirror. Who knows where she goes. Then she realises that power and magic is the two things that make her happy. Her true self, that’s how Regina is such a bitch.

But this episode is the turning point for Regina, she wants to not be a bad person, make up for all the bad things she’s done in her life and keep Henry in her life. Henry is the one person Regina loves the most since her boyfriend died. I should also note that the Seven Dwarfs try and leave the town of Storybrooke but they soon realise that if they do, they won’t get very far. The curse is still at large around the town and if someone leaves, their whole memory of who they used to be in the fairytale land, will be wiped clean and reset to their memories and lives they were given in the first place when they were teleported to our dimension.

Prince Charming has promised to protect all of the people and find a way to get back to their own world. Not knowing that in their world, there are survivors still there in the land trying to survive. Until the next episode we won’t know what happens to poor Emma and Snow.



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