The Inbetweeners (US): The Field Trip – S1E8

The boys go on a cheap field trip to a Civil War Experience. One the bus ride there, Will puts on a little charm that stops him from getting travel sickness on the bus, but a very pretty girl gets on the bus called Lauren who just talks to herself the whole trip. Lauren ends up liking Simon and Will is jealous and annoyed at the fact that the advice given from Jay didn’t work. The advice was the ignore her, she’ll like you even more that way. Yeah right!

Simon and Lauren get to know each other a little more at the Civil War Experience, on the battlefield they have a lot of fun by acting like little children, which then makes Will even more jealous. Whilst the Civil War Experience battle is taken place, Jay spots a girl that he falls deeply in love with, in a matter of a few seconds. He then finds out that she is from Middle-School (13 Years of Age) and Jay is 15 years old. So he still decides to go for it because apparently according to Jay, it isn’t against the law.

Neil actually learns a lot about this Civil War Experience but thinks that the person who was actually killed in the battle, many years ago, was still alive and he bursts out into tears. Just before they are about to leave, Carli asks Simon to sit with him on the bus, he’s easily convinced by Will because Will wants to be with Lauren. So on the bus ride back, Will becomes really sick, he ends up taking his clothes off and Lauren is horrified at what she sees. Simon is annoyed because he didn’t get to sit with her.

So in the next episode, we see Jay getting it on with a 13 year old and Lauren and Simon hooking up with Will interfering. This episode is different to the British Version and certainly does not show the British version of Jay for a 13 year old girl.



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