GetGlue is Dedicated – New Update!

So yeah, I clicked onto GetGlue yesterday morning to check into a band, well to check into a few bands and what do you know, GetGlue has removed their function to check into music and books. How stupid is that? So now I cannot check into my music via the internet. I have however noticed that if you don’t update your version of GetGlue on Android, you can use the app’ to still check into music, but unfortunately that luxury may be gone soon.

I clicked onto Twitter to see if it had posted after I checked in, and it did post but when I click the link, it takes me to my GetGlue feed, on Facebook the picture of the band looks invalid but the check-in still says, “I’m listening to Tulisa  #GetGlue #Tulisa” So I think that GetGlue have pretty much messed their site up. GetGlue is now dedicated to movies and television shows, which is good but the music option was a luxury for me.


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