South Park: Insecurity – S16E10

A new week for a brand new South Park episode, yet this episode isn’t even funny? Matt Stone and Trey Parker are going a little down hill recently, I mean last week’s episode of South Park was amusing, only because Cartman was rolling around on a mobility scooter, but this week’s episode just isn’t funny. Yes they have included some racism, but that’s normal for this show but recently the comedy has gone down hill.

This episode starts off with Kyle’s parents having sex, Ike actually witnessing it and tells Kyle that mum is fucking the UPS man, which is really Kyle’s dad dressed up in a UPS suit. Anyway, the storyline is based on everyone thinking that the UPS man that goes around delivering Amazon packages, is fucking their wives. Which is actually really stupid, but as well features a security company called Insecurity which are bloody terrible at keeping you safe. They pretty much send the Police if you’re in trouble which is silly because Cartman catches them out, saying his mum has been raped, even when he let an actual rapist in the house Insecurity didn’t respond that fast.

I will give this episode a 7/10 because how can I not hate a South Park episode? Or even give it a bad rating? I hope next week South Park will put a smile on my face, just this week it failed to do just that. Below is a gallery containing a few images of the newly aired episode.



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