The Walking Dead: Series 3 RETURNS!

YES! You read my title correctly if you’re thinking, what the fuck! The Walking Dead is returning. It’s returning very soon, in fact I should say less than two days away. A lot of people in my country (UK) won’t be watching this brilliant show until next Friday on FX. But since I’m a bad boy, I’m watching it Monday morning, once my downloading list kicks away, I’ll be watching this new series in a heartbeat.

I’ve been waiting for this new series to air for too long, they left it with a view of a massive prison, so I’m hoping that inside this prison will be lots and lots of Zombies for the gang to kill. Hopefully some old faces and some new ones. I’m still annoyed that they decided to kill Shane off, but then again they are following the graphic novels. So Shane, rest in piece </3

Below is a 4 minute preview of the new upcoming series 3 and there is a military chopper that crashes. Makes me wonder if the army did actually survive and are looking for survivors. I mean, you can’t kill a whole army, even with Zombies chasing you.


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