Amanda Todd: Her Story – RIP.

So my girlfriend used to show me these videos on Youtube of this poor, fragile teenager who just wanted to be left alone. I’ve done a little research into what’s been going on in her life, well on the internet because no one really knows what must’ve been going through the poor girl’s mind with years of being tortured/bullied online.

So Amanda entered a online chat room with her friends, apparently she flashed her breasts on the internet which A LOT of females do, which isn’t a big thing to be honest. This person captured the screenshot and started sending this image around the whole net. Amanda then suffered major anxiety and depression which made her seriously ill.

She tried to opt out, by drinking bleach but that didn’t work according to Amanda. A lot people mocked her, wished her dead because of the way she was. Amanda may have been troubled, ill in a way we think is stupid and pathetic, but this poor girl was bullied, following the social community, following her friends to do such a wrongly thing. We ALL made Amanda like this, if we had of just kept out of her life, gave her online support, she wouldn’t have built up all of the negative emotion which lead to her death.

Nearly one week ago, she was found to of hung herself until dead. There is a autopsy photo of Amanda which I found quite disturbing, I mean who the fuck took that photo and divulged it onto the internet anyway? Haven’t we learnt our lesson from the start? The Police are currently searching for the online predator that turned poor Amanda’s life upside down, a lot of people believe he is called “Kody1206” but other think differently.

I’m close to someone who I love with all my heart who suffers depression because of past build-ups which happens to 75% of the human race because of how we all live in this day and age. People who are sufferers of a bad illness, physically or mentally, we all have to support one another because life is precious, something which I’ve recently came to terms with. No matter how you live your life, healthy or bad, just remember, we are ALL going to DIE one day. I don’t believe in religion, so everyone with their own beliefs I do respect. My belief is that when you die, that’s it. Dying is just like when you fall asleep and wake up again, sweet complete nothing. Just like the big bang theory (Not the Television Show).

I have also seen someone who actually is pathetic, who does use depression as a illness to get what she wants in life, getting out of work early, cheating on people, broadcasting negative thoughts online for attention and thinking the whole world should revolve around her. News flash, it doesn’t and people like this who are attention seekers and mind controllers, making you believe themselves because they can do that. People like that sicken me, they distract us from the people with real illnesses who actually crying out for our help and support.

My thoughts go out to Amanda’s family and herself because she didn’t deserve any of what she got. Life is precious and this girl could have been living happily ever after with a husband and children. But one fucking cunt had to ruin it all, if he was in my eye site, I would go over and smack this cunt.



4 thoughts on “Amanda Todd: Her Story – RIP.

  1. My daughter is 9 soon to be 10 years of age. She doesn’t post anything to the internet yet but I always tell her to be mindful of what she does on the internet b/c once it’s on there, it’ll be there even once she’s dead and gone. It’ll still be there once she’s older and have a mind change so don’t post anything think before you post it. I do this because I believe in instilling things while their young so it won’t be “new” once they become older and I don’t see everything. I often find myself asking Safety or Privacy, clearly too many children have too much privacy and do things on the internet no one is aware of. The computer for my family is in the Living room in a location for all to see. Privacy is very limited because I value their safety over all. I’m not saying Amanda’s parents did anything wrong but we must know what our children are doing and facing as best we can at all times. They think they know but they don’t and they need our help. Suicide is never the answer, but it’s often the solution people use for a temporary problem. Don’t discourage, encourage, we need more compassion for others.

    • Thank you for your comment, I totally agree. Children are at risk by using any website now’a days. Social websites are the worst sites to even be a member of. Children’s safety, sorry, there is no safety on the internet. We all follow a social trend, whatever we do our footprints will always remain on the internet. Whether we delete our past content or not.

  2. You can relax a little about that pic– it’s a fake. Not Amanda. Not even an actual corpse. Thank goodness. That poor child’s soul has been tortured enough.

    • I know it’s a fake, the body structure looks completely different to her photo. She’s skinnier. I know, she’s been tortured enough, we have some sick individuals in this world.

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