Homeland: State of Independence – S2E3

Brody is back to his old killing tricks again, yes Brody “Accidentally” kills another person who is trying to call for help, yet is actually going to a safe house but he doesn’t believe that Brody is on his side. Carrie returns to the CIA Headquarters for a mission debrief, hoping that she will be reinstated for agent status. But things don’t go according to plan.

Saul manages to hide vital intelligence from a security officer at the airport who removes the suitcase full of intelligence that Saul has collected. He hid the memory card in another part of the suitcase and when he reaches the US, he rushes himself to Carrie’s house so she could be the first person to see the intelligence first. Yes, Carrie was right about Brody after all, well we all know she was but Saul didn’t.

So now that Brody has been compromised, I believe that Carrie is going to be reinstated and she will do just about anything to stop Brody now. This series is going to be getting a lot more interesting now that Brody doesn’t realise that people know his little plans.



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