Once Upon A Time: Lady of the Lake – S2E3

Welcome to another splendid episode of Once Upon A Time, where magic exists in our world but we’re not allowed to bloody use it. This episode reunites us with Regina’s mum, Cora who is a lot more powerful than the average Regina. Henry and Charming are still trying to get through to their world in order of rescuing Snow White and Emma Swan. But they aren’t that close to recovering the lost girls.

Emma and White are surprised at Cora’s powers, she poses as Sir Lancelot who was once a close friend to Snow and is killed by the evil Cora. They are looking for a portal that might return them and the survivors back to Storybrooke, but there has been no luck yet. This episode also shows us why Emma was born, she was born because Charming’s mum sacrificed her own life so that Snow could have her baby and the curse on her would be lifted.

We still haven’t even seen Hook yet, well the character who wears the hook, we’ve not seen him yet and I’m mostly interested in seeing him. Until then, I’m just going to have to stick to the basic storyline until the Hook arrives on our screens.




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