The Walking Dead: Seed – S3E1

Welcome back to Zombieland bitches! The fight for survival is just a long way off, or should I say there is no long way off because they’re already in hell. Yes, Rick and the crew of Zombie killing freaks looking for survival are back. This time they encounter a new enemy in this season whom we have not had the pleasure of meeting just yet.

This new episode was quite a shocker and quite the action you’d see in a superhero movie. Or should I say, a little Left 4 Dead action with armoured Zombies around a gigantic Prison? Rick and the crew are almost out of ammo and food, they are all exhausted and are looking for a safe haven to hold up for the rest of their lives. Can you think of anywhere that is “Safe” in the Zombie apocalypse? How about a giant prison? Rick and the survivors work together to take down a lot of walkers (Zombies) that are in their way so that they can enter the prison safely.

But what the survivors don’t know is that, one of their valuable team members are going to get bit by a Zombie. Unfortunately it’s Herschel who gets the bite, and soon dies. Rick chops his leg off as fast as he can, but we all know doing that won’t save his life. The infection would have already gotten around the whole of his body within seconds of being bit. We also see a group of inmates at the end of the show, who knows what there part in this show will be about. Until next week, we won’t know. There are so many questions that need answered in my head. 😦

I should also mention that we have a new character who keeps two walkers as pets and is quite skilled with a Samurai sword, her name is Michonne.


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