Hawaii Five-0: Popilikia – S3E4

This new episode of Hawaii Five-0 is a real nut-buster. Steve’s mum returns, but in his own kitchen making breakfast for him. She confirms that she didn’t let Wo Fat escape, yet tried to tackle him and he got away but we all know that isn’t true. She knows that Steve knows that her plane turned around, her excuse was that she needed time to think, more like time for an affair with herself and Wo Fat. This is what I believe is happening between Steve’s Mum and Wo Fat.

Meanwhile, the storyline in this episode turns out to be a terrible murder. Some kid finds out that his mum is cheating on his dad with his friend, so he sets a trap that slices his head off, yes his head gets chopped off with very thin fibre wire.








2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0: Popilikia – S3E4

  1. I’ve been a little behind on Hawaii Five-0 lately, but I can’t wait to see how Steve deals with his mother in this episode. I missed it when it first aired because I was working late at DISH, but I plan to watch it on my Hopper this week. I set it to auto-record Hawaii Five-0 using Primetime Anytime, so I have the episode saved and can watch it and catch up on the series on my own time. It will be interesting to see how Steve reacts to his mom cooking breakfast. He didn’t look too happy in the promo.

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