The Inbetweeners US: Fire! – S1E9

There is a fire in the school and Will is out to investigate who started it, well the fire is tiny and Will manages to put it out hence why he receives a gay-ass medal for putting out a baby fire. Simon is still hitting it off with Lauren and Carly is either jealous, or she really doesn’t like Lauren and she keeps telling Simon that she isn’t good enough for him.

Jay’s girlfriend, sorry, 13 year old girlfriend invites the boys to a party but the party ends up being at Simon’s house. Simon’s brother holds a party which ends up in a mess, well Jay’s girlfriend ends up with a little accident after being kissed by Jay all over the neck. Carly takes Simon away from Lauren and Will tries to get involved but she rejects him.

In the end, everyone guesses that it’s Neil who starts the fire, simply because he’s dumb and enjoyed a 12 year old’s party. So in the end, Will didn’t give Neil up to the security guard. I guess friendship means something to Will after all.


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