666 Park Avenue: Hero Complex – S1E4.

This week at the spooky hotel, Gavin sets out a task for Jane to complete within the hotel. She has to find the thief that is running around the hotel stealing other people’s personal belongings. In the end she catches the thief and keeps her name hidden so that she isn’t punished. Henry is forced into a situation between Gavin and his bosses at work where he either chooses his work career where he can be fired, have a bad name against his head or help Gavin but in the end, he doesn’t choose either side. Even though Gavin finds the USB lid on his desk, Gavin knows that Henry wouldn’t have delivered that information upon his bosses because Gavin with all his supernatural magic and all, he can control the situation and turn it around on anyone he desires.

Remember that suitcase that Jane keeps trying to open? Well the case finally opens and out pops black smoke, my guesses that it is the smaller version, possibly related to the smoke monster from LOST the television show. I know they aren’t actually related, but it was just a theory. 🙂

A lot of bad reviews have been written about 666 and I don’t see why there have been bad reviews? I think it’s a good show with a promising future of more series to come. But if the ratings don’t go up, this show won’t be renewed and that will make me very, very angry!




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