Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – ZOMBIE TRAILER!


I could post that 1,000 times more and I still will be excited about next month. Oh my god, I have just watched a preview of the new Black Ops 2 Zombies and Jesus Christ. If you love Call of Duty Zombies, then you are going to love this trailer. It’s just immense… All new weapons and characters and there is a bloody abandoned train, yes, an abandoned train. Can you not get any cooler than that?

I swear I am going to kill myself with excitement right now if I see any gameplay, I’m going to bloody rip the gameplay out of my laptop and fuck is sideways. Yes, I am very weird and very disturbing but if you’re a Zombie killing addict like myself, you will understand that a wait like this, a preview of the best game in history has been previewed online, is just a small hint from God that he’s telling you to fuck yourself until the 13th of November. It’s torture all right. Please, watch this video:


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