Homeland: New Car Smell – S2E4.

Sergeant Brody has now been arrested, yes with careful planning and constant stalking of the Sergeant, Carrie fucked it all up by blowing her cover by telling Brody everything. I guess she got caught in the moment whilst she was with him. A little bit of revenge was the taste of her tongue last night in this week’s new episode.

Well Dana, Brody’s daughter has now finally gotten herself a boyfriend. Yes, the annoying little school brat Finn Walden is her new knight in shinning armour. I personally don’t think their “Romance” is real enough to carry on in this show. I mean they are just little kids after all so what do they know about love? Next week’s episode I’m hoping with have Sergeant Brody begging for his life, the look on his face when everyone knows that he’s a traitor is fucking hilarious. Even his Marine buddies know what’s going on, it’s a theory for them because they don’t actually know that their theory is actually the gods honest truth.



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