Once Upon A Time: The Crocodile – S2E4.

This episode had me baffled, yes this new episode of Once Upon A Time is like a riddle, and by the end you will have solved this little riddle. If you’re intelligent enough to figure it out. We journey back to Rumplestilskin’s life and find out what ever happened to his first love. This episode also has the most feared pirate of them all, Hook.

Yes, Captain hook and Peter Pan and we cannot forget good old Tinkerbell. Remember how we all watched the classical film of Peter Pan? Did you actually know what took Hook’s hand off? You remember back years ago at that silly Crocodile with an actual clock inside its body? Well this episode is a riddle which ends in you thinking and realising that Rumplestilskin is actually the crocodile.

Rumple finds out his first love didn’t love him at all and fell in love with Hook, Rumple didn’t like that so he killed his first love, taking Hook’s hand and then finally Hook was defeated, for now… Hook fled to Neverland with the help from Cora who gave him the ability to travel to Neverland to plan his future fight against Rumplestilskin himself.

Sorry if this post hasn’t made much sense, but please for your own sake, watch this new episode. IT. IS. VERY. IMPORTANT!  Mr Gold in Storybrooke has came to his sense and has apologised the best as he could to save his love between him and Belle.



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