Amanda Todd Video has Changed the World!

Amanda’s last Youtube video has changed the world dramatically ever since she posted it. Her suicide was very unfortunate and very heartbreaking. Amanda will be missed deeply and her video is out there, it cannot be ignored and a lot of people have thanked Amanda for this video because yes it is sad, but it gives people hope. It shows the life story in text on small white pieces of paper which show people exactly what Amanda went through. I know all the bad people out there won’t like this video and they will disagree but there is a place in hell for you all.

Amanda your video has reached us all, we are all sorry that there wasn’t enough strength left in you to continue with your life. I hope that you are in a better place now and that you sleep tight beautiful. If only I lived in America, I would go by and pay my respects to Amanda’s family because no mother deserves their daughter taken from them by evil bullies. Actually, if I lived in America I would of saved this girl’s life just like a lot of other people who are thinking the same, someone could have saved Amanda’s life. Below is Amanda’s video, please watch it and imagine what this poor girl has been through.


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