Amanda Todd was Innocent!

So a lot of people recently have been justifying Amanda’s death, saying she deserved to die and that she had it coming. Right, for all those cretins out there, she made a lot of mistakes in her life but why does she need to be punished for something so stupid that takes her life?

Amanda made the mistake of “Flashing” on webcam which a lot of people do, I don’t deny ever doing it because I have myself, well for a dare of course with friends but anyway, it’s the same principal. There is a website called MyFreeCams which a lot of single and taken guys and girls use to fulfil their own sexual desires, meaning to masturbate or stalk. This website allows any female from any country to sign up and pleasure themselves for money. I’m sure that is ten times worse than Amanda making the mistake of showing her boobs online.

Plus this sexual predator that was stalking Amanda has now been caught and I believe is getting the punishment that he very well deserves. Bullying has been taking too far these days and the internet is a big cause for it as well. We shouldn’t punish people for simple little mistakes, because yes it may be bad but Amanda simply didn’t deserve what she got. I don’t respect negative opinions about Amanda, but I respect positive ones.

Amanda is the one person that I’m actually inspired by to actually take an interest in Depression and people are bullied for it. Like I stated in my previous post, I knew or know this one girl who gains attention using Depression as the highlight of her life and when she can’t get her own way, she turns everyone against them. Amanda wasn’t like that, she simply needed just one person to be there for her, that one person could have made a difference in her life that could have saved her life and she could still possibly be alive today.

For everyone out there who thinks she deserved it or she had what was coming to her, just remember, one day you are going to die as well. When you die, you’re gone FOREVER! There is no waking up, going downstairs to eat, you will never get to feel any sort of emotion in the slightest, obviously because you’re dead but you’re just in a state of nothing. Your body will rot and the world will continue without you.

It’s just how life is, but this poor innocent girl who could have had a bright future ended when immature keyboard warriors such as that sexual predator that was stalking and bullying Amanda was caught are all to blame for Amanda’s death. It was more like a murder, everyone who contributed in the negative comments either on the internet or in person have killed her. I hope you all can live with killing a 15 year old girl who was desperately seeking help but in every corner she fled to, it was like hell to her.

I hope Amanda wherever she is, she’s in a better place now and I hope she is doing fine wherever she is. I believe in astro body where the soul leaves our body when we die, floats around and enters another body ready to be born but we have no recollection of our previous life. You hear stories of children who can 100% give you accurate details of their previous lives. Scientists are trying to prove the existence of astro body and I believe that Amanda is up there, in a better place. Not heaven or hell, but in a better place.


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