Taylor Swift: Red – New Album.

So Taylor Swift has released her new album called RED and it is honestly quite good, I mean, WE ARE NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, GETTING BACK TOGETHER! Is one amazing song.

I take Taylor Swift as a lyrical genius, her country singing is beautiful and just as much as I love her music, you can’t get away with a little bit of Carly Rae Jepsen either. I mean, both girls don’t compare to Cassadee Pope (Lead Singer of Hey Monday) who’s voice belongs deep in my soul. I mean, her voice is the number one voice I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing and listening to.

If you want Taylor’s new album RED, you can simply download it from iTunes or purchase the CD in the shop. But if you know other ways, just like me, then do so. This album is worth taking the time out and listening to. Below is the list of songs which are in the album:

Red – C4 / 01-taylor_swift-state_of_grace.mp3 9 MB
Red – C4 / 02-taylor_swift-red.mp3 7 MB
Red – C4 / 03-taylor_swift-treacherous.mp3 7 MB
Red – C4 / 04-taylor_swift-i_knew_you_were_trouble.mp3 6.3 MB
Red – C4 / 05-taylor_swift-all_too_well.mp3 9.8 MB
Red – C4 / 06-taylor_swift-22.mp3 7.6 MB
Red – C4 / 07-taylor_swift-i_almost_do.mp3 7.1 MB
Red – C4 / 08-taylor_swift-we_are_never_ever_getting_back_together.mp3 5.8 MB
Red – C4 / 09-taylor_swift-stay_stay_stay.mp3 6 MB
Red – C4 / 10-taylor_swift-the_last_time_(feat._gary_lightbody_of_snow_patrol).mp3 8.3 MB
Red – C4 / 11-taylor_swift-holy_ground.mp3 6.3 MB
Red – C4 / 12-taylor_swift-sad_beautiful_tragic.mp3 7 MB
Red – C4 / 13-taylor_swift-the_lucky_one.mp3 7.3 MB
Red – C4 / 14-taylor_swift-everything_has_changed_(feat._ed_sheeran).mp3 7.3 MB
Red – C4 / 15-taylor_swift-starlight.mp3 6.4 MB
Red – C4 / 16-taylor_swift-begin_again.mp3

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