The Inbetweeners (US): Reading Gives You Wings – S1E10

Well Simon finds out that his not so perfect loving girlfriend is an actual shoplifter. Yes, that’s right. Lauren shoplifts and Simon tells her to stop and she does but he accidentally puts the sunglasses her was going to buy Lauren on her head and she got caught by accident. Only because Carly and her boyfriend were having major issues and so he goes outside the shop to comfort the one he actually loves, Lauren then gets busted and Simon just sits there and does nothing. Carly can’t help but have a smirk on her face, it’s what she wanted deep down inside.

The school are about to re-open the library but no one realises that has actually happened to it. Will promises to take this girl around for a tour but then ends up finding out it’s just a major hang out place which is sponsored by Red Bull the energy drink. Will protests to get that banned from the school, but his heart goes with yet again, another failed female. Next episode we get to see what Carly is actually going to do about her boyfriend and if Simon actually has a chance, oh I should also note that Jay was on Porn in the new hang out, if you catch a glimpse of that, you’ll end up laughing your head off.






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