Less than one hour and a half, I will be on my way to ASDA to collect my copy of Halo 4. Nope, ASDA are not going a midnight launcher, however the store is open 24 hours a day during the week so I will be just popping up there at unsociable hours to pick up my copy. I’ve been waiting absolutely ages for this game, I have even developed an urge to get myself a Master Chief tattoo. Yes, I actually went through with it and got myself my first tattoo. I will explain more in another post. So I purchased Halo 4 Red Amour on eBay, a DLC code to download for only £1.60 which wasn’t bad, it arrived within minutes of buying it via email.

So tonight and all through tomorrow morning up until the point of where I actually will need to leave the house for work, I will be playing this new game, hoping to complete the campaign so I have something interesting to talk about other than boring TV shows. I would just like to say to my viewers, I am sorry for not posting regularly but I have been working a lot of hours and quite a lot of personal issues have been having an impact on my life recently, nothing about me, just things around me. So I’m back! 😀


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