Halo: My First Tattoo…

So in my previous post I stated that I finally went through with getting my first tattoo. This decision was poorly decided and at best, one of the worst decisions I could of made with my body. Understanding this only because my girlfriend has show me the logical side of things than to my crazy childish decision making.

I have always wanted a tattoo on my body, my first ever original idea was to get the Mandalorian sign, Bounty Hunter logo from Star Wars which both Jango and Boba are apart of. That idea was then replaced with a few more new idea, not stupid, I mean you get a tattoo because you want that inked image on your body to mean something, a name of a loved one or even an interest which you love and you have loved for years.

It’s not stupid to get a tattoo, but careful planning and very accurate decision making is required because remember, when you start getting the ink on your body, it is there for the rest of your life unless you pay for laser surgery and have it removed which I have heard that it hurts quite a lot. So Saturday just gone I decided to get Beavis and Butt-Head on my arm, which to me was a good idea, I have loved that TV show since I was a wee child, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the right design.

So I altered my decision, I then decided to go with my back up plan, well one of them and get the Master Chief from the game Halo. I got his upper helmet on my arm along with the writing “Spartan 117”. Some people thought it was stupid (My Girlfriend mainly) but I didn’t. I don’t wish to be mocked for an interest that I personally adore, but life is life and you only live once.

Below are images taken in stages to show you the before and after my tattoo was done. Please, enjoy…




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