The Walking Dead: Killer Within – S3E4

Welcome back readers, sorry for the two week delay of updates on this show. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with American Soldiers getting killed. At the start of the show we seen American Soldiers flying in a helicopter and crashing, one of the survivors told the Governor about his squad that were on the highway waiting for help. The Governor was introduced to us last week, he comes across as a nice, caring and outgoing person but that’s just one of his personas that he puts on in front of people. The real Governor is a liar, killer and a psycho. He keeps a collection of heads in his house, yes, a collection of live heads of walkers.

Herschel survives the Zombie attack, thanks to Rick who cut his leg off to stop the infection. This week’s episode if quite dramatic, two main characters die. The first character to die is Theodore who gets bit and then eaten saving Carol. The second to die is Lori who gives birth to a baby girl but she had to have the baby cut out of her. She died from loss of blood and severe pain. Carl (Lori’s son) had to put a bullet in his own Mum’s head. When Rick learns of this terrible news, he just collapses on the floor crying. I can’t blame him, he has just lost his wife. Now he has two children in this evil world of the dead to look after.

Meanwhile back at Woodbury (A small town the Governor has protected and kept people alive) Merle (Daryl’s brother) is wanting the Governor to let him go and look for his brother. Merle still thinks that Daryl is still alive out there and wants to bring him home to Woodbury. The Governor doesn’t allow this simply because there isn’t enough solid evidence to prove that Daryl might still be alive.

Michonne is trying to figure out how the American Soldiers really died, looking at their vehicles noticing bullet holes and blood. The Governor twisted as he is, he doesn’t have Michonne fooled. But we all know that the Governor is planning something, I don’t think he would let both Michonne and Andrea walk out of the town without a catch.







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