Homeland: A Gettysburg Address – S2E6.

This episode has a shocking outcome for Dana after she learns that the women who got knocked over in the car that she was in, died in hospital after being on critical life support. The women looked really bashed up and in really nasty condition, the death has scarred Dana for life as she struggles to cope in the real world.

Meanwhile Mike’s investigation into Tom Walker’s death has finally paid off, he has came out with shocking results. He finds out that the bullet from the crime scene matched a missing bullet from Brody’s ammunition hold (Case). But the CIA warns Mike to stand down and not to continue with his investigation. I’m not sure what will become of him if he does pursue his allegations against Brody, maybe a spanked bottom? Who knows, but Mike has figured out the truth about Walker’s death.

The CIA agents who have checked the crime scene of the shop where that Abu Nazir’s contact was occupied until Brody killed him was infiltrated by Abu Nazir’s men, killing several agents. So Carrie thinks that Body may have tipped Nazir off somehow. His men located a safe within the shop’s walls. I hope that the next episode will reveal what’s in the safe that was worth killing and fighting for.


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