Halo 4: My Views & Thoughts.

Well as you know this game was released on the 6th of this month, I know it has only been out three days so far and already I have completed the campaign and I’m pretty addicted to the online play. This review is going to be divided into three sections.

– The Campaign,

– Online Play,

– Overall Thoughts,

Here is a short funny story for you all. I went to ASDA at midnight to pick my copy of Halo 4 up, almost getting banned from the store for making a documentary of the midnight launch. Apparently, according to the security guard, making a video of yourself inside the store can get you banned, just in case you are taking photos and giving them to Tesco. Do I look like the sort of person that would even consider doing that? No.

So the security guard approached me and said that if I don’t turn off my camera, I would be banned from the store which ruined my midnight launch documentary. Not to mention I had to pay a full £39.99 for the game which ASDA usually have new Xbox 360 releases for under £35. I completed the campaign within one night, yes just one night.


The Campaign 

So I’m going to start this section off by saying how terrible the campaign is, it was very short and the storyline wasn’t that good. I completed the Halo 4 campaign within one night, I simply couldn’t care less for the storyline because it just didn’t make sense. Firstly you start off killing the Covenant that is exploring the Dawn for survivors, obviously to kill them or take them as prisoners. The Master Chief has been MIA (Missing In Action) for over 4 years so when everyone learns of the Chief’s return, a lot of things have changed within those 4 years.

This game hasn’t explained why the Covenant have formed and joined the Forerunners, maybe they think their journey was to follow their makers after all, they must have believed that Truth (The Profit) was correct about everything and Humans are the bad disease that has to be exterminated. The Chief ends up on the Forerunner planet where he encounters so many weird Forerunner security systems, either these new enemies are alive or machine, or maybe they are both I have no idea, but they are a bitch to kill. Your ammo in this game doesn’t last long, not to mention the sound effects are amazing. Yet the game feels like you’re playing Borderlands, 343 haven’t really thought about the graphics on this game, it’s like a cartoon, not my taste in games unless it’s Borderlands.

So the campaign ends with the Chief killing the Forerunner who tries to kill every human being on the planet Earth, obviously the Chief saves the day. I thought the campaign was very short and not well thought out, the game could of easily have been made into a two parter, but 343 have made it so that the Chief defeats the main bad buy and we don’t know what will happen in the next Halo game. At the end of the campaign, we see the Chief’s armour just pouring off of him, so maybe a new armour look in the next game?

All those who love Cortana, I’m sorry to say but she dies in this game. 343 studios have killed her off, one of the main characters of the game has died. Sergeant Johnson has passed, Commander Keyes has also passed not to mention is daughter Miranda Keyes. Dr Halsey also makes an appearance in this game as well, but no Jun from Noble Team (Halo Reach Game), no new information has been given about his disappearance. A lot of people say he dies in the books, I have no idea. Maybe he’s in the future games?

Online Play

Now we are down to the online play, I can honestly say that I love the online play. The best thing to come out of this game would be Flood. A game where you either play as a Spartan with a shotgun to protect yourself from being infected by the flood or you play as the flood, running around killing Spartans on the opposite team, turning them into the flood. There is team slayer which is good, loads of mini games as well.

The scoring and ranking system on this game is quite similar to both of the Halo Reach and Halo 3 games. You don’t have a special rank, just SR and the number of the level that you are. You earn credits, but you cannot use them to purchase armour. You have to level up to unlock different types of armour, which is a pain in the arse.

There is also something called Spartan Ops, where you can play on your own or play with a team with other people completing different episodes that are available in the menu.

Overall Thoughts

Well, my overall thoughts on this game are 50/50. I can’t decide if I dislike this game or I actually love this game. The campaign is the biggest let down but the online play gives this game a good boost in the ratings. Maybe I will grow to love the campaign, if I force myself to keep playing it which isn’t something I plan on doing, but I will continue to keep playing online because how can I not? It’s addictive!

I have always been a big fan of Halo series, but that has only been because Bungie has successfully created such a great title. Not just the games, but the books as well. I have always supported Bungie because all of their games have been such an enjoyment to play, now that 343 have taken over, I’m dreading any other game that they make, they just don’t have the magic touch and the minds to create such a good game just like Bungie have.

If you’re thinking about buying this game or you’re getting it for Christmas, you’re going to love the online experience, maybe you will enjoy the campaign, who knows but I really didn’t aha! This concludes my review of Halo 4, any DLC packs that are released in the future, I will consider buying them for the online experience. Halo 5 however, I haven’t even thought about what 343 are preparing for that game. Please leave your comments at the bottom of the page, thank you! 🙂


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