Depression: I Do Understand!

Someone I’m close to doesn’t believe that I understand depression, what depression is or does. Well I’m here writing a blog, words that come straight from the brain. I do understand depression, I know that it is a chemical imbalance that I personally don’t understand because I don’t have it, but I can only assume what one must go through everyday. First off is acknowledging that you have a illness that cannot be treated straight away, only in time can depression be cured alongside with medication and a lot of help and support.

We’ve all heard of the Amanda Todd case, she suffered depression and with no help, she made the wrong decision by committing suicide. Depression makes the person different. I know this because the person I know, one minute you can be fine and the next minute you’re not. The slightest little thing can easily either make the person very angry where they cannot control what they say which makes the situation a lot harder to calm down.

Emotional break-down which makes the person quite vulnerable, but easier to comfort and to calm down. I’ve learn’t that I’m not the one that makes that person like that, nor does the person end up like that on purpose. A lot of past times could have been building up and all those negative emotions have exploded and that person just breaks down. It could also be with social interaction, mixing in with a lot of people you either consider friends, you end up being someone that you are not and you forget what you used to be like before changing. That person may not cope with the world itself because they aren’t yet 100% mature enough.

Suffering depression everyday is a hard thing to cope with, a lot of stress during one day can easily make that person hate either their job or a simple routine. Depression changes the personality for a temporary state which makes the person seem less interested/bothered about certain things. The person they care about or love they will open up and express their emotions and feelings either physically or emotionally. A simple conversation to get all of the negativity off their chest or physically by shouting and screaming which can help as well.

Medication only stabilizes bad emotion and calms it down but doesn’t take away the actual problem. It makes the person calm, not argumentative but a little on edge. I can honestly say that I see that since before taken the medication and right now, that person is still the same in my eyes: lazy, hungry, boring and loving but that’s just how that person always is. Most of the time I don’t even know that it’s there, I just carry on with my life as normal, and so does she with a lot of support from myself.


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