Hawaii Five-0: Mohai – S3E5

This episode if a Halloween special, well not much a special considering Steve doesn’t really get time to spend it with his girlfriend. At the beginning of the a Hawaiian Police Officer notices a car crash in the middle of nowhere, the officer finds no bodies whatsoever. A forensic team end up searching the scene to find only a strand of hair and a drops of blood. Oh, I forgot to mention that Max discovered that the air bag wasn’t released at the time of impact.

A psychotic killer who uses a weird ritualistic way to kill his victims by taking out fresh organs from the victim whilst they’re still alive. The poor girl from the car crash didn’t survive unfortunately after she woken up, she was then murdered. The murderer lives with his grandmother whom kills as well, she might look innocent and friendly, but she stabs another victim in the back.

Steve and Danny both rescue the second victim who gets stabbed in the back from being killed in a ritualistic way. His Grandma then kills herself after shooting a police officer in the stomach, saying goodbye to her grandson before he gets killed himself. She tells him to run but unfortunately his mental state of mind got him shot by both Steve and Danny. This episode ends with Steve putting his arm around Danny watching The Notebook!



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