South Park: Obama Wins – S16E14

Well this episode is one of the weirdest episodes in South Park I have ever watched before. Well, this episode is crazy because it doesn’t make sense, but then again a lot of the South Park episodes don’t make sense. Cartman steals loads of voting papers which could change the outcome of the election and Kyle is out to stop Cartman as usual.

Cartman makes a deal with the Chinese Government, if he gives all of the votes to the Chinese Government, China will make him the star of the new Star Wars movies. Well, this episode if about making Obama President again and giving the rights to Star Wars to the Chinese Government but Cartman intercepts those votes before the Chinese do. Then Mickey Mouse turns up, the star of Disney (Who currently own the rights to Star Wars) shows up on the Slave 1 (Jango and Boba’s ship) to find out why Star Wars is being given to the Chinese.

Mickey Mouse allows Cartman to star in the new Star Wars movies so Cartman makes a deal with Mickey but in the end everyone gathers around in a circle and burns the votes. Yeah, what a weird episode, I understood it but it just doesn’t make sense. Then again Matt Stone and Trey Parker both have weird imaginations, if only I could know what kind of world those two geniuses live in.



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