Homeland: I’ll Fly Away – S2E8.

Carrie fucks Brody in this weeks episode just to keep him from losing his mind. A lot has finally pushed Brody over the edge to quit working for Nazir and the CIA. His family being the main part of the stress in his life and the rest being a double agent for his country and for a terrorist organisation.

Brody almost quits but Carrie runs in to save the day by calming Brody down, and just like The Walking Dead, we get to see a sex scene which almost broke the speakers on my television because of how loud both of them were moaning. Dana ends up staying at Mike’s house who then drives Dana to the dead mother’s house where the young girl is left to look after her two siblings. If Dana tells the Police, the young girl loses money for her siblings because she is being paid off to not say anything so that neither reputations are at stake.

Brody wants a second a chance to be on Nazir’s side so he drives into the middle of the country, gets on a helicopter and is flown off to somewhere unknown. The next episode looks quite interesting, we are not yet sure if Nazir’s men know that Brody is actually undercover, or if his cover has actually already been blown.


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