The Walking Dead: Hounded – S3E6.

Merle takes Glenn and Maggie hostage to find out more information on Daryl’s whereabouts, but who knows what Merle’s intentions are considering he kills Walkers and he’s hunting Michonne who escapes and almost dies after killing off two of the Governor’s men. Merle was sent out to find and kill Michonne but ends up bumping into Maggie and Glenn carrying baby food for the new born baby daughter.

Rick is still losing his mind, the phone call he receives is just voices in his head. He hears the voices of everyone who has died in his group, Amy being one of them as well as Lori (Rick’s wife) who died giving birth. I think Rick has came to the same conclusion as me, he’s finally lost his marbles.

Meanwhile back at the nice town of Woodbury, Andrea is making herself extremely close to the Governor (Philip), a little bit of sexy action we see as both get jiggy within the Governor’s bedsheets. May I just say that is the only sexual action we have seen so far in this show besides Shane and Rick hitting it off in the first season. Which then leaves us to figure out who the father of the new born baby daughter belongs to, either Shane or Rick?



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