This week in TV, 26th Nov’ – 2nd Dec’ 2012.

This week’s post is an unexpected one because I know I haven’t been posting a lot recently, so I am compiling all major television shows in the current week and just pretty much talking about them all. Sorry for my lack of posts but I have been working long crazy hours at work and spending a lot of time with then girlfriend. So free time hasn’t been my best friend recently, especially considering it is Christmas in 23 days.

The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking – S3E7

michonne-survivors-walking-deadMichonne has finally reached the prison to deliver the dire news of the Governor and Merle’s recent actions. She explains that the Governor is keeping 70 plus survivors with armed guards in a small town where both Glenn and Maggie are being held at. Meanwhile back at Woodbury, Andrea is trying to explain to the scientist that once a person dies, they don’t have any sort of recollection of their previous state of mind. So trying to make a Walker realise who they used to be won’t work, we all know Walkers just love to eat raw flesh.

The Governor and Merle are still trying to find out information from both Glenn and Maggie about the whereabouts of their group’s location. Unfortunately Maggie blurs out every piece of juice detail on the prison and who the survivors are. Back at the prison, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Oscar all gear up and prepare to head out to Woodbury to see what they are up against. Merle will have to test his loyalty to the Governor by choosing either him or his brother. The next episode looks like a lot of gunfire and killing, so tomorrow’s episode will be a good one to watch.

Homeland: Two Hats – S2E9

Damian-Lewis-in-Homeland-Two-HatsThis episode is really tense with a lot of sudden action at the end, have the CIA finally caught Nazir? Well unfortunately no. The CIA were giving valuable intelligence by Brody who confirmed it by Nazir himself. The CIA learn of Nazir’s presence within the United States and are out to stop this vile, disgusting terrorist from taking over and causing innocent causalities from happening.

Meanwhile back at the Brody house, Mike has taken both of the children and the wife to a safe location within the Capital City (Washington DC) where Brody’s wife (Jess) ends up having sexual intercourse with Mike again. Carrie was right, if Mike played the hero part, he would get Jess back. Next week’s episode is quite interesting, it seems Carrie ends up going missing and the CIA have quite a lot of secrets they are hiding from Saul, Carrie, Virgin and Max.

Once Upon A Time: Into The Deep – S2E8

JENNIFER MORRISON, GINNIFER GOODWIN, SARAH BOLGER, JAMIE CHUNGWelcome back to the simple town of Storybrooke, this episode both Henry and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) have both realised that they can communicate with each other when they are asleep. Which is pure genius because they can both help each other from both worlds. Sleeping Beauty tells Henry that Cora is planning on coming to Woodbury so she can seek her revenge on Regina, her daughter.

Regina cannot face Cora alone, she isn’t strong enough and surely she’ll be defeated if she doesn’t have a helping hand from one magical person, is everybody thinking Mr Gold (Rumplestiltskin)? Well you are correct. Regina wants to form an alliance with Rumple’ so that Cora can be defeated, but Rumple’ seems to think that he can handle her himself. But what he doesn’t realise is that Hook is on the other end as well, who is also seeking revenge for what Rumple done to him.

Both Charming and Snow enter a deep sleep by using a sleeping spell where they both can communicate with each other. Hook gets double crossed by Cora and isn’t allowed to enter Storybrooke to seek revenge on Rumple’ so he decides to let Sleeping Beauty go free. But Sleeping Beauty has had her heart taken by Captain Hook, which might result in her dying. 😦


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