Homeland: In Memoriam – S2E11

Homeland-Season-2-Episode-11-In-Memoriam-2This week in Homeland is quite a dramatic episode, secrets are out and the Abu Nazir is killed. Firstly let me start off by saying this episode is quite intense. Carrie decides to move back in and capture Nazir when all the FBI SWAT teams fail to find him in the tunnels, Carrie realises that Nazir is hiding behind the tunnel. A tac’ team moves in and Carrie was right, Nazir was hiding behind a tunnel with rotten food and a horrible looking bed. Nazir managed to kill one FBI SWAT agent just before he got shot to death.

Saul has been black mailed out of his job by Estes because he knows the truth about the upcoming assassination on Sergeant Brody. At the end of the episode, both Jess and Brody agreed that their marriage just wasn’t working and they both decided to go their own ways. So really, Mike gets Jess and Carrie gets Brody. Nazir is dead and Saul is in the worse shape possible. So I guess that the episode has a happy ending.


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