The Hobbit: 4 DAYS AWAY!

There is only four more days left until the new epic movie The Hobbit is released on our big screens (Movies) where we will see Tolkien;s creation come to life. Peter Jackson is the guy who is making The Hobbit come to our big screens, he’s confirmed that there will be three films in total. Well baby, Star Wars had six films, with more well on the way thanks to Disney. So who’s excited about seeing this film?

The third movie of the Hobbit has been confirmed by Jackson himself for Summer 2014, so rumours have gotten around. I just hope that this new movie is going to be as good as the first trilogy to the Lord of the Rings collection. This movie will feature Bilbo Baggins, we see him in the “Fellowship of the Ring” and the “Return of the King” where he gives up the ring to Frodo in order for it to be destroyed. Little does Bilbo know that, old age has finally caught up to him.

The Hobbit is set before the three original films and will show us the life of Bilbo Baggins who is one of the main characters of the movie. We will get to see his adventures, his friends and how he actually stumbled across the ring. I’ve not read the book so I have no knowledge on this film other than what I have just typed out in this paragraph. So expect a nice juicy review once the movie is released in cinemas. 🙂



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