My 2013 New Year’s Resolutions…

2013 is almost upon a us, in just a few weeks time we will be entering the new year. So if this year has been a bad time for you and you just want a fresh start, then consider 2013 to be a new start for many. This year has been quite bad for me, leading up until Christmas I’ve had barely little time to notice that Christmas is in less than a week and a half. Since such events have happened, Christmas will be the first time I’ve spent alone. I’ve been given some great advice and currently I’m looking forward to the New Year, just Christmas isn’t a season that I usually would celebrate. Below is few New Year’s Resolutions that I am going to be follow out through next year.

Resolution Number 1

Finding my inner happiness again. Currently I am still seeking the road to happiness, after the past week I’m feeling a lot healthier, not just mentally but physically as well. Next year I hope to find a lifestyle that will best suit myself and will make me even more of a better person than I am now. Discovering what my future self will turn out like, my personality of how I will be next year, everything right now all adds up to how next year will turn out.

Resolution Number 2 

Being an independent person on my own. Moving out is something which I have my heart set on for next year, right now I know where I want to be and what I want to do. I have two career paths to follow up on which will lead me out of this house. I want to make my own way in this world, pay my own bills, look after my own house either rented or bought and just to go food shopping.

Resolution Number 3

My Career Path. I want to be in a full-time job where I am salary based instead of just minimum wage based. I want to be able to use my current knowledge, skills and experience to gain new experience and to meet new people. Also my second choice would be to just continue my interest in Forensic Science at University where I can take this up as a possible life career as well.

Resolution Number 4

Finding that right person. I don’t have plans on looking for someone to be with, at the moment I enjoy being on my own, but yes I do get lonely as do a lot of other people. If someone does come along I will want to take the time to get to know that person before I make any decisions, and I will need to know how I feel myself about things. Because it only took one person to bring me down to the lowest feeling possible.

Resolution Number 5

Travelling back and forth. There are a lot of places I want to travel to again and a lot of places I would love to visit as well. Either a holiday or just for the travel it’ll be worth entering a new place I’m not familiar with.

Resolution Number 6

Discovering old and new interests. I would like to continue my interest in music and take it even further like I used to be visiting gigs. Becoming more interested in media related topics such as; Gaming, TV, Movies, Technology, Current World News and science.

Resolution Number 7 

Keeping my healthy routine. I still quite strongly intend on keeping my healthy routine kicking around. I’m eating quite healthy recently with no contact with junk food or processed food. Physical exercise I’m also continuing to keep working on. Being a healthy and physically fit person will keep you in a stable, calm, care free, healthy state of mind where you can achieve just about anything and everything.

These are all my New Year’s Resolutions, most of you may think that they are either silly or stupid but these are the 7 steps I’m going to analyse properly, work on next year so at the end of the year, I can take a look at all of them and see what I have achieved and how far I have become. Until next year, HOOAH people!


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