Merry Christmas!

Hello readers,

Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year. So today is Christmas where it’s the one time of year you are allowed to do anything and get away with it. Last night I got drunk, watched some South Park and played a little Xbox. When I mean I played a little Xbox, I mean playing it whilst being drunk and mocking people online. I then woke up with just a headache, I was sick in my expensive £25 Protein Shake which has now been ruined 😦

I have already opened all of my presents, so I woke up to nothing to open, but what I’ve received this year has been great. My friend Helen bought me all five seasons of King of the Hill, Mike Judge the creator of Beavis and Butt-Head. My friend Stephen bought me Batman – Dark Asylum for Xbox 360, Fringe Season 3 and Supernatural Season 1. My friend Glen bought me The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray, Damages Season 2 and a movie called Men at Work. My mum just gave me £150 cash which I have then spent some of it on some clothes, my Provisional License whenever it decides to appear through the post. New Girl season 1 which I shall be watching really soon. My mum’s boyfriend has given me £50 as well, I’m shocked and surprised. Money 😀 Work has also paid me early which is bloody brilliant, Christmas sales start tomorrow!

So today I’m pretty much just lazing around, playing a lot of Xbox and catching up on a lot of TV shows. I haven’t even switched the TV on so I have no idea what type of Christmas Shows there are. I’m still currently waiting on a big feast of food that people are cooking downstairs, I’m absolutely starving. Everyone, have a very nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please reply with what you all have gotten for Christmas.



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