2013 Future Aspirations!

Dota 2013 New Year

So we are only fifteen days into 2013 and already so much has happened this year. I’ve had quite an exciting New Year so far, but quite a lot of that excitement has been day dreaming about what I want to happen in my life and where I want to be. I’ve been thinking quite a lot and I’m glad with the outcome of what’s going to be happening this year. Right now is the start of something beautiful.

I’ve always been interested in Science, that being my highest grade in school I took that interest up in college. My interest in Science hasn’t been just general physics and mixing chemicals together, nope. My interest in Science is Forensics. We’ve all watched CSI and a lot of forensic television shows, this is apart of why I want to take forensic science up as a career. Whilst I was studying forensics in college, it was very hard and a lot of my own knowledge did help out quite a lot.

I’m wanting to expand my current knowledge and take it to the University of Manchester which will require moving out and moving away from my home area. Moving out has always been on my mind, but I’ve never had the motivation to do it. Right now, I have more motivation than anything. Everyone who knows me, should know how my life has been in the past five years and now that I think about it, I haven’t achieved a great deal than the average person.

I’ve been absolutely stressing over this big move, looking for accommodations and a job in a new place. Both of them I have been successful in hunting down. My current job deals in transfers to different workplaces and I have finally sorted out a possible accommodation for the big move. The price is however quite affordable with the money I currently make; this rent will include all bills, so it’s pretty much exclusive.

I’ve put quite a lot of thought into how this is all going to work out, saving up is quite hard, having money is one of the biggest temptations known to man, once we have money, we spend it straight away. I’m sure girls feel the same about this as well. Next month I will be heading down to Manchester to meet a friend, look around the University and college to see what they’re both like. Yeah, I mentioned college because I have to attend for six month because I was eleven credits off from entering the course that I wanted to do. So a slight little turn has to be taken, six month in college doing a module to gain more than the specific entry requirements to successfully give me a place onto the course that I want to do.

So at the moment, my financial income is all being saved towards August so when I move out, I will have a stable couple of months living down south. Obviously I’ll have a source of income which is something I’m going to have to be careful about, bills, rent, travel and food will be my only concerns when I move. Surviving on my own will make me an independent person and a lot more mature than I currently am.

Manchester was my first option because I’ve always wanted to live down there because it felt different and sort of like home. The place itself is nice and very big compared to Newcastle. The University offers the course that I want to do, so I’m not going to be backing down and avoiding this great chance of getting somewhere in this lifetime. I haven’t actually planned anything further than University at the moment, but hopefully by the time I’m thirty, I want to be in a nice stable job, settled down to a house I can call my own, even if it is rented. So these are my current aspirations which I hope to achieve before my time runs out.


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