LOST Girl: SubterrFaenean – S3E2.

lost-girl-season-finale-sceneSo in this week’s episode of LOST GIRL is quite a sexy episode. At the start of the episode we see both Bo and Lauren getting acquainted with each other bare naked, having sex of course as Bo usually does. Right, getting back to the main storyline. Kenzi’s childhood friend has been kidnapped by some evil Crocodile Man (Fae) who can’t walk in daylight because he’ll die. So, Bo investigates this kidnapping and various murders which have occurred in the same time fram as the kidnapping of Kenzi’s friend.

Lost.Girl.S03E02Dyson has a new partner which just happens to be Dark Fae, ordered by the Ash to team up with the light Fae (Dyson) to investigate this case. Dyson’s new partner doesn’t get along too well with Bo, a bit of jealousy/tension when it involves Dyson. I can’t blame Dyson’s new partner for being jealous, both Dyson and Bo have a strong past.

Trick invites a very strange guest around to his pub, she keeps on flirting, hitting on Trick and he doesn’t like it one bit. This special guest, or should I say ‘very large’ guest can tell you what you fear the most in life. What your actual fears are that haunt you.

My overall synopsis over this episode is quite good, I’ve always enjoyed this show, ever since series one I’ve been in love with both Bo and Kenzi. We’ve watched them both come so far, the storyline to each episode just keeps on getting better. This episode has been quite good episode as well, a lot of humour from Vex, a lot of tension between a Dark Fae and Bo the sexy Succubus. I’m very excited about next week’s episode, oh what are Bo’s actual nightmares?


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