Tampon Girl: What the Actual?

Okay, so this afternoon I stumbled across this disgusting video of a teenage girl placing her own bodily waste in her mouth using a tampon. I have seen a lot of horrible things on the internet, mostly dead human cadavers from murder cases which BestGore host. But this video has to be one of the most stupidest videos a teen could possibly do online.

Imagine when she’s older, she has children and they discover that video? Or even the affects this video is going to have to her actual lifestyle. I’m contemplating to whether or not this video is actually real or just a really good fake. It sure looks real, but then again a lot of people crave attention now’a days to be “Youtube Famous” and have loads of followers on Twitter. So yeah, I’m going to leave the link below so you can take a look and please view discretion is advised, for your own stomach’s sake, don’t eat whilst watching this video. Thanks (:






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