Either Wreck it Ralph of Die Hard 5?

So next week I am going to the movies to see one of the above, it’s quite hard to choose because as much as I love Bruce Willis, I wouldn’t mind seeing video game characters coming to life. It’s such a painful decision, I mean I could go and see both right? I mean that would make more sense, instead of deciding between two films. Just go and see both. I’ve just answered my own question :L

But any ways, maybe you could give me a little advice on which film is better. I don’t care if you spoil it for me, I’m just up for the whole atmosphere of being in a cinema eating junk food and watching amazing movies. I’ve always been a fan of Bruce Willis, he’s been in a lot of really good action packed films such as: Pulp Fiction, Set Up, The Expendables and Die Hard which he is more known for.  I’m also a beloved fan of Nintendo and I recognise some of the video game characters which is going to be in Wreck it Ralph.



die hard 5


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